Bellini's Counter

Latham, NY

624 New Loudon Rd
(518) 608-1146

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You ask- What is the Bellini's Counter?
To answer easily- The Counter is Italian Street Food!

A crisp, modern atmosphere will be the setting in this quick paced concept. Fresh ingredients and Joe Marrello's family's recipes will be prepared at the Counter right in front guests as they choose amongst homemade sauces, roasted vegetables and imported cheeses.

The Counter features made to order Pasta, Salads, and Wraps with price points ranging from $7 to $10. Bellini's Counter brings the quality and consistency of Bellini's to the fast paced consumer. The 1.2.3 ordering system starts with your Base - Pasta, Salad or Italian Flatbread. 2. Add in Homemade Meatballs, Roasted Meats, Chicken, Italian Specialty meats and Homemade Sauce. 3. Finish off with Cheese, Veggies and all the toppings you crave. Enjoy all the traditions and flavors of Bellini's Italian Eatery now at the Counter served in a quick and casual platform.


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