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Local Artist Spotlight / Contributor

a person sitting on a table

a man sitting on a table

Fidele Lupuku

Fidele Lupuku has been working within our company since 2017. He worked in our Latham Bellinis from 2017 - 2020 and currently works at our Jacob and Anthony's Italian Restaurant in Stuyvesant Plaza. Fidele was born on Oct 24th 1991 in Queens NY. He moved to Albany in 2009 and took art classes at Hudson Valley Community College, that is where he says he found his love for drawing.

Some of his favorite things:

Favorite Hobby - Jogging
Favorite Food - Balsamic Wrap at J&A Italian
Favorite Movie - Scary Movie 

We are very lucky to work with Fidele and can't thank him enough for the wonderful sketches of our locations!

For any inquiries Fidele can be reached at: